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No More Bullshit in 2019

January 01, 2019


I redesigned my personal site, from scratch, three times in 2018.

Today I launched this site with the default Gatsby theme in 15 minutes. My goal last year was to write more. Perpetual website redesigns were my excuse not to.

No more procrastination bullshit in 2019.


Today I tried to derive a few trigonometry identities. No success.

Part of the problem is that I do not use advanced math day to day. I can change that by chipping away at a few problems every week.

The other issue is that my math education was focused more on giving me tools to solve problems than on helping me deeply understand the tools. I’d like to develop a deeper intuition for the math I learned through primary school and college.

My plan is to read a few books:

I’ll work on problems all year and store the interesting ones in Anki, which I currently use as a spaced repetition tool that shows me programming problems I want to re-visit every now and then. My goal with Anki isn’t to memorize solutions. I want to be prompted to think about things that I am not forced to think about in my normal day to day.

No more depleting math skills bullshit in 2019.


In 2018 I built a ray tracer in Rust, a blockchain in Go, a chat app in Clojure, algorithms in Python, and a resume generator in Elm.

Learning programming languages is great fun, and I’m glad I know the strengths and weaknesses of a few very different languages. But I want to build products.

Unless I need a certain language feature, I am going to stick with Javascript. It works on the front and back ends, the ecosystem is massive, it can be functional, it can be object oriented, ES6 syntax is pleasant, and I get paid to work in it.

No more “I want to build a static site generator so I’ll learn Erlang to do it” bullshit in 2019.

2018 wasn’t all bullshit

  • Hit the gym at least once per week.
  • Ate about one serving of meat per month. Never cook it at home.
  • Had 7 alcoholic drinks in total.
  • Even though I didn’t launch many products, I did build a lot of projects.
  • Launched No Fluff Design with Khari. It is a resource for people who want to learn how to build things on the internet and earn money from those things.

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