John Omar

Hi, I'm John Omar

I've been building things on the internet for 8 years. Clojure(script) and Javascript are my tools of choice. But I use the best tool for the job.

Here are some projects I've worked on:

  • Attended the Recurse Center, a self-directed educational retreat for people who want to get better at programming. I built a Lisp interpreter in Javascript, and worked through Peter Norvig's Paradigms of AI Programming using Common Lisp.
  • Co-created a course called No Fluff Design that teaches web design, front end Javascript, and the skills needed to launch + grow a small internet business.
  • Caterpillar App. Learn a language with your favorite movies. Caterpillar turns any movie into a language course. Add a video and subtitle file, and the app compiles a course that trains your listening, reading, and writing skills. Your weakest skills are shown to you over and over based on a space repetition algorithm. Built with Vue.js on top of Electron.
  • Founded Bitfountain, a platform that taught iOS development. I lead the bootstrapped company to $3M in revenue and had over 100k students enrolled on the platform.
  • I was the iOS developer on the Cameo team. Cameo is a tool to edit and share cimematic videos on your iPhone. Sold to Vimeo.

Some Talks & Articles

John Omar @johnomarkid